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I have been exposed to and "lived with" cats for my entire adult life. The gallery I have created here is the part of it that I managed to capture. I seem to have a tremendous rapport with cats both directly and through my camera work. If you want to either purchase shots I have here, or have a specific project in mind you'd like to hire me for, please let me know! There is much to document here, so I will be adding many more photos over the coming days (and weeks)!

The original collection available for viewing on my Inter-Global Media Services web site depicts "the reality" of cats. They share much with their various wild and bigger cousins. If you permit them, they develop the SAME instincts! Virtually all the cats here were brought up in the outdoors (and live/d in a barn for shelter and food). The photos here have been taken from "The Reality of Cats" gallery. The images are unique, different, and would be great for a variety of uses, or even just as art prints to hang on one's wall! If you love cats, you will love this collection.

I am working on expanding upon this category and hope to add more than just cats. Right now I do have one beautiful photo of a hare and one of a tortoise, both which are fabulous. Expect photos of other animals to appear in the future.
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